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Statement on India’s vaccination policy

We are a group of members of ISRC (Indian Scientists’ Response to COVID-19), concerned about India’s vaccine rollout. We endorse the statement issued by the AIPSN (All India People’s Science Network) which is available at: The endorsement below is… Continue Reading →

Public Statement on Alternative cures

A signed statement from a group of scientists to stress that none of the so-called “immunity boosters” provide any known and/or validated protection against COVID-19. Some of the “remedies” being suggested are harmful for the human body. None of these remedies should be tried without proper medical supervision. It is necessary that people do not become complacent and lower their guard just because they have consumed these so-called remedies.

Statement on the lockdown and the COVID-19 epidemic

A signed statement from a group of scientists, academics and public health professionals on the lockdown and COVID-19 epidemic which draws attention to some epidemiological aspects of the lockdown.

Statement of Politically Mathematics Collective on COVID-19 Policies

While modelling exercises such as these will be evolving and ongoing, and every scientific exercise has levels of uncertainty and bias embedded in the design, there is a concern regarding the overwhelming importance of numbers in this discourse. History has taught us, that the value society places on a life lost to disease, depends on the value society placed on that life when alive. We are concerned about whom, in this pandemic, society has chosen to protect, and who it has decided to lose in the process.

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