The global impact of COVID-19 has given rise to a huge amount of data, research and technology development around the world, ranging from mathematical modelling of the disease to building of technological solutions that help citizens and governments affected by its spread.

We focus on some aspects that could be of vital interest to scientists and healthcare professionals in the Indian context.

Mathematical Models

Building mathematical models for the growth and spread of epidemics has severe impact not only on our understanding of the disease but also on how governments take action against it.

Software and Applications

Hardware Development

Global Experiences

We collect resources, guidelines, handbooks from different parts of the world, giving us a glimpse of how different parts of the world have reacted to this global emergency.

Tracking The Disease

Tracking the incidence and spread of COVID-19 allows for later trend analysis, validation of models, and consequent (re)allocation of resources. While there is considerable data visualization available in the global context, there have been a growing number of contributions in the Indian context as well.