The spread of the pandemic and the fear associated with it has resulted in discrimination and stigmatization of individuals and communities. It has also amplified existing social hierarchies. Drawing on the collective human experience of earlier pandemic times, Dr T Sundararaman, former Dean, School of health system studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, stresses on solidarity as the need of the hour.

Stress among health workers

Health workers are overworked and stressed during this pandemic. What stresses them out? Dr Sundararaman T shares some insights. 

Discrimination against health workers

Many countries including India have witnessed discrimination against health workers because of the fear that they may spread the infection. How should societies address such an issue, and what rights do the health workers have? Dr Sundararaman T addresses some of these issues.

Solidarity, Not Social Stigmatization

In the wake of the COVID-19 there has been a lot of stigmatization – of people who have the disease, of health workers, because people feel they may spread the disease and others.  Dr Sundararaman T talks of Solidarity as the need of the hour in our fight against the disease.

Is the pandemic reinforcing social hierarchies?

In some sections of the society, the pandemic is reinforcing social hierarchies that we have been trying to fight against.  What are some of the claims and is there truth to them? Dr Sundararaman T gives his piece of mind.

Should a particular community be blamed for the spread of COVID-19 in India?

Often, social stigma originates with the blame game. In India, certain communities are being blamed for the spread of the disease. Is there any justification to this? Dr Sundararaman answers:

What should I do if my child is ill?

Children can fall sick, not necessarily due to COVID, but other factors too. In such cases, what should responsible parents do? Dr Sundararaman T lists some dos and don’ts for parents of young children. 

Is burying dead bodies of people killed by COVID-19 safe?

There have been cases of people dying due to COVID-19 and being denied the dignity of burial because people believe that dead bodies will spread the virus. Is there any truth in this? Dr Sundararaman T answers.

Is cremation of dead bodies of people killed by COVID-19 safer than a burial?

It is thought that the cremation of dead bodies of victims of COVID-19 is safer than burial. Is there any truth in this claim? Dr Sundararaman T answers.