There is extensive work going on across the Indian scientific community towards development and implementation of methodologies and hardware, in response to the pandemic.

In particular, a host of educational and research institutes, industries and volunteers across fields are developing techniques that address issues relating to the pandemic at various stages of its development. Over a period of several weeks, many such topics have been extensively discussed and debated in the ISRC group and in the process, a vast resource and knowledge based has accumulated which can be of immediate help to the larger community. We plan to eventually collect here such topics with categorization of requirements, resource personal and organizations.

Disposal of face masks

The use of face masks has proven to be a major combat weapon for 
fighting Covid-19 pandemic all over the world. While elaborate procedures are in place for the disposal of masks from hospitals and clinics, we need to set up systematic procedures  for the disposal
of masks used by individuals. Action is needed at several levels to 
avert a disaster, and this ISRC presentation discusses who needs to do what. Click on the image below to know more:

Credits: Amaraja Kulkarni and Krishanu Maulik
Edits: Bittu and K V Subrahmanyam

Low cost alternatives for PPEs

As standard PPE kits become scarce, there is a need for low-cost and mass producible alternatives that provide protection for the entire body. A team of IIT Kanpur researchers and industry partners designed the PIPES Kit based on thin cylindrical rolls/pipes of polyethylene (polythene), which is non-porous and commonly used in the industry for packaging and making plastic-bags. See the slide deck here for more details.