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Press Release: 29 June 2020!

ISRC launches ​a new series of educational resources for students and teachers​. A repository of models and differing perspectives on impact of lockdown presented as authored articles. INDSCI-SIM model ​is used to analyze the data for Chennai city, while Daily Dashboard presents data on how infections are spreading in different parts of the country. New updates on mental health focusing on psychological effects of isolation during COVID-19, as well as Ask-a-scientist call-in sessions in Indian languages and Sunday Webinars.

Earlier Releases

Daily Dashboard data as on 27/06/2020
​The ISRC modelling & data analysis team updates on how infections are spreading across India and extent of testing. See Daily Dashboard for daily updates!


Indian Scientists’ Response to CoViD-19 (ISRC) is a voluntary group of concerned scientist citizens of India who have come together in this time of crisis to discuss the rapidly evolving situation with its dire need for science communication. The scientific community has a social and democratic responsibility in the current situation, both  in terms of analysing the situation and reaching out to the public. While governmental bodies make their decisions and professional scientific academies take principled stands, there is a need for individuals in the scientific community to also help individually and collectively.

To know more about who we are, see About Us. A few media articles regarding this group can be found in media mentions. If you wish to use or share some resources generated by ISRC, do go through our licensing rules, which prohibit any modifications, except for translations.

Our response is structured into the following categories:

For the public:

For scientists and healthcare professionals:

On Physical vs Social Distancing

We recommend using the phrase “physical distancing” or, if context demands, then  “physical distancing together with social solidarity” instead of “social distancing”.  This change arises from the understanding that in the context of the novel coronavirus infection, what is important is physical distancing, i.e., lesser direct or indirect physical contact to reduce the spread of the virus. On the other hand, in this moment of catastrophe, social solidarity is extremely important. The phrase social distancing is at best misleading and at worst reinforcing already existing social distancing and stigmatization that is embedded in our society.  

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Important Note!

This website/group is not a forum for medical advice, and definitely no unverified claims will be entertained. All analysis is based on the current available scientific evidence. Given the constantly evolving situation we will make updates/corrections whenever they come to our notice.