Recent Updates:

A much larger scale study of over 26 lakh participants who self reported symptoms on a smartphone-based app.

Real-time tracking of self-reported symptoms to predict potential COVID-19

We report that loss of smell and taste is a potential predictor of COVID-19 in addition to other, more established, symptoms including high temperature and a new, persistent cough. COVID-19 appears to cause problems of smell receptors in line with many other respiratory viruses, including previous coronaviruses thought to account for 10–15% of cases of anosmia. We also identify a combination of symptoms, including anosmia, fatigue, persistent cough and loss of appetite, that together might identify individuals with COVID-19.

The goal of this research is to capture and share a bigger picture of the experiences of patients suffering from COVID-19 with prolonged symptoms using a data driven approach. The survey content and research analysis are “patient-centric,” conducted through participatory type research.