This is a compilation of resources on mental health-related issues: 

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Mental Health and COVID-19 Resources from The Carter Center. To aid people and communities during the pandemic, the Carter Center’s Mental Health Program has compiled global, national, and local resources for mental health and wellness.

Tips from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention on managing anxiety and stress around COVID-19. It includes how to reduce stress in yourself and others as well as advice specific to parents, first responders, and people who have been released from quarantine.

How to talk to kids about the coronavirus. The Poynter Institute’s senior faculty member Al Tompkins summarizes advice from the Child Mind Institute and draws from other helpful articles.

7 ways to keep your anxious kid calm during COVID-19. Writer Tara Mandarano shares some ways she’s distracting her daughter from her worries. (Tip: They also work for adults.)

How to care for your kids’ mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. HuffPo’s Caroline Bologna shares ways parents can help their kids cope with social distancing.

Protecting your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Doreen Marshall, Ph.D. shares five simple things you can do to take care of your mental health. There’s also an option to share your own story and ideas on their Sharing Your Story page.

Mental health and COVID-19: Information and resources. This incredibly comprehensive list of resources from Mental Health America provides guidance in numerous areas, including financial support, tools and information on anxiety, tools to connect with others, resources for immediate response, webinars, live events and workshops, for mental health providers, parents, caregivers, older adults, domestic violence survivors, the LGBTQ community, veterans, how-to articles, and general information about COVID-19.

Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak, from the Mental Health Foundation in the U.K.

Care for your coronavirus anxiety, a toolkit with resources for anxiety and your mental health in a global climate of anxiety from self-care community, Shine. It includes an ask an expert option, free meditations, a section for parents, random internet things to help you recenter, and addresses specific concerns like financial worry, xenophobia, and isolation.

Coronavirus: Apps to help with self-management. This list of 16 apps from U.K.-based Orcha, a health app evaluation and advisor organisation, helps people at home manage self-care and anxiety, respiratory and heart condition symptoms, diabetes etc.

Taking care of your behavioral health (pdf). This tip sheet from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration describes feelings and thoughts you may have during and after social distancing, quarantine and isolation. It also suggests ways to care for your mental health.

HearMe app. HearMe is a peer emotional support app that can help users cope with anxiety. It allows users to text with volunteers who’ve had specialized training on effective strategies used in counseling, doctor-patient relationships and crisis interventions.

Coronavirus: Resources for anxiety, stress and wellbeing. The Australia-based Black Dog Institute provides evidence-based articles, digital tools, and resources for people feeling anxious, schools and young people, people managing their mental health at home, health professionals, and other evidence and policy.