We collect here some easily accessible information on COVID-19 that is available at different sources online as videographics and webinars.


Public Lecture by Dr. T. S. Ganesan of Cancer Institute, Chennai on management of COVID-19 (as a part of Popular Science Lecture series of Tamil Nadu Science Forum), on May 30th 2020.
Dr. Jayaprakash Muliyil, one of India’s leading epidemiologists, speaks on CoViD-19 and its growth pattern, March 19th 2020.
Prof. V. Ravi from NIMHANS speaks on Coronaviruses, their history and specificity, March 20th 2020.

Infographic videos

What does exponential growth mean for an epidemic?
How COVID-19 works and spreads
Flattening the curve
A video from chaiandwhy at TIFR Mumbai explaining why maintaining limited contact is helpful for tackling viral outbreaks.