As a shopkeeper or shop worker, you maybe one of the few people still working and interacting with many people during a lockdown. How do you ensure that you, your family and your customers stay safe and healthy while you continue to sell goods?

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Govindan makes his shop corona-proof

Learn about how Govindan Nair is getting ready to keep his shop open during the lockdown.

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Govindan makes his shop corona-proof

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Keeping shops safe for workers and customers

Essential service shops, like grocery stores and pharmacies, have been allowed to remain open during the lockdown announced to tackle COVID-19. Since these are also places that many people access, they are possible hotspots for the spread of the disease. While it is important to follow the general practices of washing hands, maintaining physical distance and keeping surfaces clean, there are some specific measures that you, as an essential service worker, need to take. These measures can help keep you, your colleagues and your families stay safe and healthy, while still continuing to provide the public with essentials.

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