Here’s a story about Selvi, and how she transforms her household to care for her unwell father-in-law.

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विद्या, एक देखभालकर्ता
করোনা কুমির ও হরিপদ

Audio play about a family when one one of its members – a middle-aged man, Haripada – frustrated by the lockdown, stepped out, met friends, and now – his mother has a severe cough and is running a fever. The family panics, thinking she has COVID-19. Haripada’s school going son Gaalu, calls the local public health worker and gets a list of instructions which he passes on to the rest of the family.
This play was written and directed by Ayan Banerjee, Anindita Bhadra, co-founders of the theatre group ‘(Kalyani) Mukhosh’. They are faculty members at IISER Kolkata.

मिलिंद परिचारक बनतो

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